About the School

The Tullahoma Seventh-day Adventist Christian School offers instruction in grades 1-8.  We are primarily a school which holds to traditional concepts of instruction.  However, we do try to individualize our instruction as much as possible.


In the lower grades, reading is taught by the phonetic and sight methods.  Reading is stressed in all classes.  Outside reading is required in grades 3-8.


Mathematics computation, concepts and application are taught in all grades.  Traditional methods are used in developing math skills.


Social science is taught in grades 1-8. Through this course the student is exposed to all the cultures and peoples of the world.  He/She is given a chance to compare existing cultures with the one in which he/she lives.  This not only makes him/her knowledgeable about the world in which he/she lives, but also helps develop an appreciation for his/her own culture and way of life.


Bible is taught in each grade.  Discussion concerning religion and denominational doctrines is a part of the class work of the upper grades.  In addition to the Bible class, the Adventist youth progressive class work is taught. This program is a vital part of our church, which is to minister especially to the young people.


Art, music, computers, and sign language are included in the curriculum.


In each class, the student is taught to think critically, to reason, and to endeavor to reach his/her full potential.


In school programs, the student practices public-speaking skills.


The textbooks are approved by both the Kentucky-Tennessee Conference and the State of Tennessee.